VASOSGlobal exam by emission of pressure vessels and during pressure tests, typically applied  as part of plans of inspection. We study and develop procedures for specific applications.

25 –year experience and know-how based on results proved in effective applications of acoustic emission in various parts of the world. Our differential, besides the use of methods established by the use, use of tools and software of ultimate generation is our specialization in ´Equipment Inspection´.

Our methods for continuous monitoring, mainly of damaged equipment, are based on a deep an specialised analysis of mechanical behavior, deterioration mechanisms, kinetics of nucleation and propagation of damages associated and the study of variable of the process.

The access to acoustic emission data is done online, via internet. For analysis of generated data   and conclusions, data collected periodically by our technicians in sites are considered for process  information collection, verifying the tools and calibration of sensors.

The exam by acoustic emission is divided in the following important phases;

  • Planning by Specialised Engineering

Process data Collection , project, operation background, inspection and maintenance;

Elaboration of the test procedure based on  evaluation and data collection interpretation of the test objectives and the applicable norms, by specialised engineering;

  • Carrying out Test

The tests are carried out with ultimate generation technologically updated equipment and software;

  • Analysis and interpretation of results

The results of tests are interpreted and evaluated according to defined on objectives in procedure, by specialised engineering. The results indicate, clearly, the locals of discontinuities and the non-destructive exam which are more adequate to their identification and dimensioning ( they include conventional and non-conventional techniques) and their significance. The data are interpreted  together and by channel, by application of specific techniques for identifying the type of source and it significance.

  • Conclusions and recommendations;

The recommendations are issued as ´planned drawings in scale´, having  a localization of regions to be inspected and the non-destructive test techniques recommended by each of them. Our technical team is ready to help in the identification  of locals to be inspected by other techniques in equipment during inspections , when applicable.

  • Reports Issue

Reports include all information generated during testing, analysis and conclusions. The positioning of sensors is done in 3D drawings , in order to facilitate its localization and correlation with physical characteristics of equipment. The active and indicated regions for inspection are mapped in planned scale drawings.



We use ultimate generation equipment manufactured in Vallen System company, which are the only equipment certified by TUV. The analysis of EA data is carried out by last review of specific software.

2- SPECIALIZED ENGINEERING- The team composed of engineers and technicians with proved experience (over 20 years) in inspection, deterioration and integrity of equipment evaluation and acoustic emission areas. Engineers Cláudio Allevato and Mauro D. Araujo are in our team.