The Equipment Inspections aim at the SAFETY of the people, the plant and the environment, besides contributing to the physical state control of statics equipment  such as  boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, furnaces and pipping avoiding the equipment to be deteriorated and eventually fail causing serious  accidents.


The activity is very similar to human medicine, and it is developed by teams of Engineers and Inspectors well equipped to carry out NDTs. All the specific knowledge is registered in standards, recommended practices and procedures. The quality and experience of the team will make the difference. This team must be well-equipped and trained in ENDs modern techniques, which are ultrasonic, electromagnetics, radiographic techniques, etc as well as in human medicine.

Araujo Engenharia has national and international qualifications and certifications, which are acquired, as time goes by, in entities recognized internationally. We also invest continuously in new tools and accessories in order to keep updated technologically; our personnel is also trained continuously for updating in general as well as in new procedures, tools techniques, etc.

We offer Inspection of Equipment in Operation services, Manufacturing Inspection, Inspection during Assembling, Maintenance Inspection and special non –destructive testing, where procedures are developed and techniques of electromagnetics, ultrasonic and acoustic emission methods are applied.

Our services of initial and periodical auditing for fulfilling and maintenance of alignment to NR-13 are carried out with our own methodology. The software CVR-Auditing allows for the management of lack of action and plans of actions.

All services are planned and programmed with our clients in a flexible and clear way.

We also offer elaboration and management services of PROGRAMS OF INSPECTION, BASED ON RISK, using our own and exclusive methodology which presents a view of risk as time goes by, through software developed by our engineering called CVR-RBI.

We have a specialized inspection, evaluation and control of physical state of boilers area. This area has engineers with knowledge and experience acquired in third-party services already done in boilers of various sizes, from small fire pipes boilers, medium size fire pipes and water pipes boilers to big boilers throughout 27 years of work.

The success of our field services lies mainly on special procedures of non-destructive testing, developed and applied during inspections. They are procedures based on the use of acoustic emission, Eddy currents techniques, use of ultrasound transducers such as EMAT in AB-Scanning, oxide layers measurement of thermal change by ultrasound, inspection of tubes by IRIS S-SCAN, MFT , remote field and accelerated creep test.

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