NR-13 is the regulator standard number 13 of Brazilian Ministry of Work and Employment, and aims at conditioning the inspection of safety and the operation of pressure vessels and boilers.

In Araujo Engenharia, the execution of services is aligned to NR-13, including auditing for collection of data directly in equipment and in existing documents. From these data, the tasks list is elaborated and plans of action discussed with the clients and adapted to each plant.

We carry out the main services needed to the adequacy of equipment and plants to NR-13 with methodology and our own resources.

The “Periodical Programs of Inspections” and maintenance and indicators calibration of pressure and safety devices are generated by CVR-RBI software and delivered to clients in electronics sheets which allow for the program management.

After the data survey and its treatment by CVR-Auditing software, indexes of NR-13 alignment, tasks lists by item and by equipment and a plan of action for adequacy of the situation are generated.

We also offer the exclusive NR-13 Manual, registering all generated and consolidated information which can be included in supply.