Qualifications and Innovations

In 2015, we intensified our international work with the opening of anew plant located in Houston, Texas, USA.
After certifications in ENDs, Levels II and III by various institutions internationally known such as ASNT/ACCP, SNQC, BINDT/PCN and SEQUI Petrobras, we are focused on certifications API , aiming at improving our services offered in Brazil and abroad continuously. Currently we have professionals with the API-510 qualification “Pressure Vessel Inspector.”
The introduction of new END techniques and technology also continues in the same frequency. END techniques which can be used hot, with equipment in operation, “robots” which eliminate the need of scaffoldings and cleaning, besides, obviously, the various applications of Acoustic Emission which allow the elimination of Intrusive Inspections and the safe follow up of damaged equipment.

SGQ ISO9001 Certificate